4 Important Things to Remember About Air Conditioning and Heating System

4 Important Things to Remember About Air Conditioning and Heating SystemMany homeowners hardly give any attention to their heating systems and air conditioners until they break down and call for repair. For some, it is not until the system calls for replacement that they remember such equipment should have been given some attention months before.

Some research conducted in the US by Emerson Climate Technologies revealed that nearly 60 percent of homeowners who bought HVAC systems in the recent past bought them because their systems had completely failed. Others also cited the high cost of repairing damaged systems, which was as expensive as having a new one installed.

In contrast, another 56 percent responded that they were just considering upgrading their systems to the HVAC models. Most of them, unfortunately, had not taken their time to gather enough information about the systems or get quotes from different contractors.

The survey, which targeted about 1,500 US citizens, established that a large majority are very concerned about the operating costs of running their HVAC systems. Another factor of concern is the reliability of the system. Four very major concerns of homeowners that were revealed through the study were:

  1. You cannot afford the luxury of waiting too long before having your old system replaced. Before you choose an installer for the replacement, however, ensure that you do your homework and you do it thoroughly. In the survey, it was indicated that an AC system is one of the appliances that many people cannot live without especially during the summer season.

Most of the equipment in most homes in the US are more than 12 years old and are replaced on average at 16 years. The life span of a majority of them is usually between 5 and 25 years. It is important to note that it is usually not about the number of years, but the run time of the equipment. The more it has been running, the less useful the remaining life.

  1. As a homeowner, you should always treat your HVCA as a “big deal”. This means that you should always have time to check on its functionality. During repair of most household items, many homeowners tend to forget that their air conditioning and heating systems are equally important. Your HVCA is probably one of the most valuable gadgets you own, and you have no reason to treat it casually.

According to Department of Energy, HVAC systems consume about 40 percent of your annual energy costs. This is in comparison to lighting systems that only consume 9 percent. As you budget to do other types of repairs around your home, include in your budget an approximate of $8, 000 for HVAC repair.

  1. It’s all about the contractor you choose

A whopping 81 percent of the respondents who consulted their contractors before purchasing their systems were satisfied with their equipment. They said that they consulted their contractors, right from the time of purchase to the time of installation.

The majority of the unsatisfied group made their decision on their while purchasing and installing the systems. From the survey, it is clear that engaging a contractor goes a long way in saving you from high costs and in making wrong decisions.

  1. Having a budget and planning in advance is very crucial.

Details from the survey indicated that replacement costs could add up to about $8,400 on average. In other cases, though, it could range from between $5,000 to $20,000. There are factors; however, that determine the amount you will end up parting with. Some of these factors are the size of your system, the type of replacement to be done (partial or full) and the type of the system to replace the current one.

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